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Go see the world, they said. Come experience East Africa, we say. We are East Africans, passionate about East Africa. East African experiences is our thing. We aspire to avail you with reliable information guaranteed to make your cultural, culinary, adventurous experience worthwhile in East Africa.


Explore our unique cultures. East Africa has several different cultures such as Baganda Culture in Uganda, Bayarwanda culture from Burundi, Rwanda


Mchuzi wa Samaki


Different dishes, cusines such as mchuzi wa samaki from Kenya , luwombo dish from Uganda .Let your taste buds devour the exquisite tastes from East Africa



Beautiful Scenery from islands, mountains ,hills.



Itanda Falls: Jinja’s Secret Gem

A splash, crash and laugh or just a tropical experience, Itanda Falls is the greatest and best way to experience the ecstasy of rafting. Riding towards the busy town of Mukono, one cannot miss beautiful trees at Namanve, behind which lies the Industrial Park. The...

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Lubiri: the Home to Buganda’s Kings

For people conversant with Uganda’s history, the magnitude of power the Kingdom of Buganda amassed is detailed in very many forms. The King of Buganda is called the ‘Kabaka’ and his official residence is referred to as ‘Lubiri’ to mean Palace. The architectural design...

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Ankore’s Finest: Igongo Cultural Centre

Set on a ground which once accommodated the palace of a legendary 17th Century King, Igongo cultural center is located in Biharwe, 12 Km from Mbarara town on the Mbarara-Masaka highway. Since Igongo stands right along the highway, it took us under 5 minutes to be...

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Bloody Tourism: Amin’s Torture Chambers

It is years since Late President Idi Amin and his underlings ruled Uganda, but the torture chambers are a living testimony of wrath; a satisfier to those who lived the dark days; those who have heard the horrible stories of darkness and evil. The chambers are nestled...

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