Dare Devils Conquering Itanda Falls.

A splash, crash and laugh or just a tropical experience, Itanda Falls is the greatest and best way to experience the ecstasy of rafting. Riding towards the busy town of Mukono, one cannot miss beautiful trees at Namanve, behind which lies the Industrial Park. The sight-seeing goes on through the Mabira Forest as you head to the scenic town of Jinja. Not to mention the sweet chicken lollipops  at Namawojjolo resting area.

For accommodation, we settled for Budondo an area north of Jinja town, turning left off the Jinja-Kamuli road  – on the roundabout at Amber Courts. While in Budondo, one can hear the water at Itanda Falls dribbling over the lovely rocks on the Nile river like an orchestra in an opera.

Itanda is popular with local and foreign tourists.

Though the road to Itanda is motorable, first-time visitors would get lost without a guide. Our guide Mr. Mugabi  Moses led the way in the quest of the mighty Itanda falls. On arrival, we were ushered into the booking office, where we paid a group fee of USD 115 or UGX 420,000 for our adventure. The figure covered the group’s half-day expenses including river apparel, professional guides, rafting equipment and lunch.

And so it begins.

Itanda has three grades of rapids: four, five and six, which is the most difficult. At the falls, the water is crystal clear. All you hear are the yells from scared souls and splashes of water down the rocks with wrath, yet calm sound. If there is anything that would make one appreciate Mother Nature, Itanda Falls do just that . As we got onto the boats, seat belts buckled, we felt the breath-taking moment of the rapids. There is no room for fear, anyways.

Kayaking is an alternative to rafting. Briefly, one goes solo, wiggles through the ragging river, or takes a leisurely paddle on flat water. Bungee jumping is also an option on the menu – an adventure, which tests the strength of one’s heart.

By the time we returned from the trip, Itanda had given us memories we can never forget.Maybe you too would like to come sometime and see what it is like to raft at the great Itanda rapids.

Editor’s Note: Purple M. Kisakye contribute to this article.