Kasubi Royal tombs: A pivotal monument to the Baganda (Bantu speaking people located at the Centre of Uganda) and secret burial to the last four Kabakas (kings) of the 700 year old kingdom.

kasubi royal tombs, Kampala

Kaya forest: Once known as the fortified villages of the Mijikenda people (originally from Somalia) and now repositories of spiritual beliefs and places of ritual, guarded by traditional laws and councils of elders.

Kaya Forest, Coast Province

Great Mosque of Kilwa: Founded in the 14th Century the Great Mosque was up until the 16th Century and also considered the largest mosque in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kiliwa Mosque, Lindi

Ndaba rock: Sacred for its mythical stories, the rock is legend to dripping with honey which was used to attract people in the surrounding forest (including Ndaba) and a reminder of the penalty for greed.

Ndaba Rock, Karongi

The Royal drummers of Burundi: Famous for their performances customarily at the enrollment of kings, the royal drummers have performed the same way for centuries passing down traditions and techniques from father to son

Royal Drummers of Burundi, Burundi