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Go see the world, they said. Come experience East Africa, we say. We are East Africans, passionate about East Africa. East African experiences is our thing. We aspire to avail you with reliable information guaranteed to make your cultural, culinary, adventurous experience worthwhile in East Africa.


Explore our unique cultures. East Africa has several different cultures such as Baganda Culture in Uganda, Bayarwanda culture from Burundi, Rwanda


Mchuzi wa Samaki


Different dishes, cusines such as mchuzi wa samaki from Kenya , luwombo dish from Uganda .Let your taste buds devour the exquisite tastes from East Africa



Beautiful Scenery from islands, mountains ,hills.



Hell’s Gate: A Walk on the Wild Side

A walk in the wild, by the wild. It started like a normal Friday evening, unapologetically cold. The streets outside Acacia Mall where we were seated, waiting for Isma, our driver, were buzzing. Hoots of agitated drivers’ filled the atmosphere. Threats were hurled...

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Aruu Falls: the Jewel of Northern Uganda

Every once in a while we ought to loosen up, have some fun and capture memories. It is good for the soul. Aruu waterfalls are one of Uganda’s hidden treasures, ideal for the average adventure seeker. Located in Anyagura, about 2km off the Gulu-Kitgum highway, 47 Km...

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The Big News: Drama as POTUS feeds Kenya's orphaned elephants.
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